• beyondtype1Meet @ash.coal “Every action, every day, has a layer to it that is invisible to others. I listen to it, I respect it, I learn from it. My body is rich with messages and has taught me how to be powerfully empathetic. Living beyond is equal parts complex and easy, strong and subtle. I live beyond by being me: emotions, fears, interests, and dreams. I am a writer, a yogi, a friend, a vegan, a cyclist, and a person with diabetes. These make up the constellation that is me, as opposed to defining my potential or limits exclusively. My name is Ashley and this is how I live beyond!”

  • diabetesresearchwaWe love this Ashley, you are an inspiration 💚💙
  • razimusjewelryLove love love everything about your perspective @ash.coal
  • e.llaholdenWhere can I do one of these? @beyondtype1
  • rob_jhjThis is awesome. Thanks @ash.coal
  • didabrYou have a beautiful and inspiring spirit @ash.coal!! Thank you for sharing it! 💞🌞
  • ash.coal@didabr @rob_jhj thank you c:
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