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  • modcloth‘If we want the conversation to change, we have to be part of it.’ We heat up the convo around body positivity + more with our confident community. Link's in our bio to hear more!

  • stephaniebrandon3Lol. What the heck! I gotta stop talkin like that! @brittanymartin94 @tabithashepherd
  • miss_kristenThank you for treating women with respect! I love you, Modcloth!
  • brittanymartin94Lol u no how u say yea yea yea when u talkin to someone!!😂😂 hilarious @stephaniebrandon3
  • bywyd_bach_niaOne of the reasons I love this company! 💕 Keep doing what you're doing! 😘
  • shakeyjedipicsYou are the coolest!! Spread those good vibes
  • shelovesdressesI'm seeing 5 people of color, and 9 white people- no Asians.
  • shelovesdressesSo, your shoot is still 9/14 white and this video is 3/4 white. Great job with the equality.
  • mcj.710Asians are people of color.
  • shelovesdressesI'm still waiting for your campaigns to stop centering white people, white feelings, white stories, and white entrepreneurship. You don't try hard enough.
  • saentific@shelovesdresses 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
  • lkktaylor@thetrickisto @daskrohn lets do this immediately
  • thejulyjunebug@shelovesdresses Why the hostility? Modcloth is a great company- they are doing positive things! You get back from the world the energy you put out and you're being really negative.
  • shelovesdresses@thejulyjunebug LOL bc wanting equality and fair representation for people of color is negative 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • lasertronLove this
  • harbinger_01@shelovesdresses no, the anger and yelling on comments about a video on instagram is being negative. Instead of doing that go out and promote equality in a positive way instead of being angry at a video. That's pointless and just makes you feel more upset & depressed and everyone listening the same. That's not the way to make change.
  • shelovesdresses@lasertron All white girls do
  • harbinger_01@shelovesdresses hey if you want to spend your life angry and constantly deliberately misunderstanding people and miserable go ahead. No skin off my back. Have a nice life! Any work I or anyone I know do for anyone I hope trickles down to you and makes you a little less unhappy. Bye!
  • ang.vaughn💜
  • shelovesdresses@harbinger_01 I wouldn't expect a white girl to know what it's like not to have any representation in media or pop culture ❤️ how privileged and nice 4 u
  • boonzyartsWhat a fantastic and honest discussion...and you can't beat soakin' in a nice tub! Great job, all.
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