• missrosielyExtraterrestrial? New Age?
    Sensory Deprivation Therapy is the deliberate eradication of your body's senses. By removing most, if not all, stimuli you are left in a meditative and relaxed state.
    I was extremely nervous yet excited to subject myself to my own experiment. What happens if I trip out? Will I feel like falling into a black infinite hole? With your eyes no longer working due to the lack of light your mind does like to paint it's own imagery a little.
    @GRAVITYFLOAT has given me the experience of deeper insight into the creative levels of my mind with an immense sense of wellness physically and emotionally, naturally. My soul is now richer from this adventure. Thank you so.

    Streaming from SnapChat NOW! 👻 rosie_ly

    If you've tried it, comment below and share your experience with others that also have nothing to lose.
    #sensorydeprivation #gravityfloat #JoeRogan

  • daveazar@jessebaez75
  • itsheydrien@ninjenine
  • tebuminI kinda wanna try this i heard joe rogan talkin about them. @seanstephan
  • snowcovered_hands@matthew5oul
  • justintimemike@cynthiuuhh aw dangg looking good lol.
  • therealdeezyI need one at home haha
  • eliezer82The one I tried in Perth is called Beyond Rest: Floatation Therapy...
  • missrosielyGive birth in one of these.. 👑@therealdeezy
  • eliezer82Had shoulder aches due to work and for that an hour a half it really relaxes the body.... And I feel like my skin's going through a detox too cause of its high salt content. (Like taking a dip in the Dead Sea...)
  • therealdeezyThis is what Bub must be going through now. In a capsule floating around haha
  • loufan61I have two words that give you the best stress relief here they are MAGIC MUSHROOMS 🍄🍄❤❤😃
  • missrosielyINCEPTION!! 😶 @therealdeezy
  • nathan_411That thing is cool 👍🏼
  • f_a_m_e_👽🖖🏼
  • _uyyyyfuck yes 💦💦💦
  • slipskinnyUnfortunately I've never tried this myself i would think that the quietness must overwhelming.
  • the.house.of.jewelsI knew you were too beautiful to be from this planet.
  • gravityfloat@missrosiely 💙💚💙💚💫
  • thejourneyofonemanHey @missrosiely 25 years ago flotation centres were all over the place here in Victoria. I have floated many times and find the depth of meditation in a tank is extraordinary. I'll try GravityFloat now, thank you.
  • alpha__chiefThis is life! Fuck me @missrosiely i love you baby.
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