• wundertastischdesignLet's talk habit tracker a bit! 🌺 I have to admit that even if I track everything I do every night I don't seem to improve in certain areas. So things like standing up early (yes 8:30 is early for me, I'm a night owl I admit it :D) and yoga are actually really important to me, but somehow it's not happening like you can clearly see. Which bothers me a lot! 😔

    That said I will try to find and establish a system to get those important habits tackled and share it with you as I go along :3 If you have any tips I would love to hear them! I hope you are all having a splendid week so far! 💞

  • ayoka_kaiserGreat disscussion! and great tip @psych.hero! I can relate and have found it helps a lot to question what is keeping me from doing it. Ask and sit still with it for a while and see / feel what comes up. I also sometimes bring up stuff like this in a session with my coach to get a different perspective and more in depth answers on that WHY-question. I'm just starting with habit tracking and if I take it more lightly it helps focus on what building a good life means to me.
  • funwithtotesGreat idea @psych.hero!
  • shilen.qcWonderful idea @psych.hero! I track 3 - 5 habits at a time so I don't get overwhelmed. If I get to master one, I add a new habit. Nice spread @wundertastischdesign.
  • psych.hero@shilen.qc @funwithtotes @ayoka_kaiser @ms_magpie_ you are all very welcome! I'm so happy that my shared knowledge is even slightly useful to anyone!
  • mariaabelmonte@pilslmg y ya paro jejejejeje
  • wundertastischdesign@diieselly Danke liebste Selina! :3 Habe heute auch schon wieder deine Fotos bestaunt. Echt toll! Oh und ich habe heute meine Yoga-Matte geliefert bekommen, morgen gehts los :3
  • wundertastischdesign@christina77star Yeah it's so annoying! But we will conquer it :) Check out @psych.hero comment under the image here. It sounds like a very smart idea to get it finally done :3
  • wundertastischdesign@psych.hero Thank you so so much! Like everyone else here am I totally in awe with your idea! Until now I only heard of location or event based triggers. Like doing a pull up everyday you go to a certain door, or meditate for every speech you need to give. But I like your though so much to hang one habit you can't get a hang on onto one that you already do successfully. This just has to work! Will start to try out this theory tomorrow exactly like you recommended. Because Yoga in the morning is great and doing it right after my morning pages which I never miss is a great idea. Thank you so much! I will let you know how it works out :) <3
  • wundertastischdesign@tassia_a Love your idea! After thinking about this issue for the last couple of days I think the monthly habit tracker is more like something you look on at the end of the month to figure out your strength and weaknesses. So you know exactly what's going on in your life. But it isn't what actually motivates you to do those tasks. So having it on your daily todo-list is a way better idea which I already implemented for a few of them unconsciously but not for the tough ones yet. Will start doing so tomorrow! Thank you so much :3 Oh and working your way up is super smart. I try to get to my 8:30 in the morning by waking up 10min earlier everyday. So much easier :)
  • wundertastischdesign@psych.hero Oh and yes, Nightowl Party! 👊 So glad to have a fellow 🌙 Owl here :3
  • wundertastischdesign@shilen.qc Thank you so much! :3 And I love your idea of focusing on a few specific habits instead :) Great idea! Will try that <3
  • wundertastischdesign@ms_magpie_ Can only agree with you on that one :3 <3
  • psych.hero@wundertastischdesign you are so sweet!! I always love your comments, you completely made me feel super helpful over here, I even giggled haha. I now SUPER hope it works. 💚
  • wundertastischdesign@pen_n_paper_please True and not true at the same time! :D After thinking about it for a while and starring at my blank lines I think a monthly habit tracker is more about figuring out what your strength and weaknesses are. Not about actually getting those habits implemented. It's more like an overview/statistic. Which allows you to see what needs work and then start to create and implement a system to get the habits implemented you struggle with and deeply care about. What do you think? :) <3
  • wundertastischdesign@ayoka_kaiser Love that you brought up that we really need to dig deep to find out what keeps us from implementing the habits we care about. Did this over the last few days and it's so helpful already :) After it I think the monthly habit tracker is more like an overview/statistic which allows you to look back and see your strength and weaknesses without making excuses. Then you can figure out how to tackle the once you struggle with in a thought-through system :3 <3 Also YES never stress about it, it all is there to improve our lives not to stress us out. Totally with you on that one! :)
  • wundertastischdesign@funwithtotes Totally agree with you on that one :3
  • wundertastischdesign@pen_n_paper_please You are most welcome! :3 I'm so happy to be able to talk about topics like these with you guys. It helps me out so much! :) Also I'm a perfectionist too - high five! :D At least oftentimes it's a good thing. In cases like this it drives us nuts, but we try to work on it. 😊 Also I just picked "yoga" as my main habit-goal for the next couple of weeks. And try to tackle that, because it's one of my biggest weaknesses and something I really care about and wanna do on a regular basis. So maybe start up slow as well, focus on 1-2 important ones and when they work move on to the next :) But still keeping the complete tracker to have an overview and making sure we don't drop something because we focused on a new one :) If that makes sense. I hope so! Many thanks and have a great start in the new week! I'm very excited to hear how it goes with you and habits in the future <3
  • wundertastischdesign@diieselly Bekommst du! Heute ging es los und habe mich super gefühlt hinterher :) Und ich hab endlich einen Plan wie ich die Motivation aufrecht erhalte. Und zwar in dem ich es mache wie mein Pole Fitness. Anstatt zu probieren 6x die Woche zu trainieren, ist das Ziel "Crow Pose" zu schaffen. Was muss ich dafür machen? Viel Yoga! :3 Habe ein gutes Gefühl dabei und bin super motiviert :)
  • wundertastischdesign@psych.hero You are super helpful!!!! I'm totally into the whole finding system that work right now and already came up with a few ideas to move closer towards my goals as well as get my habits implemented. More about it in future posts which I really need to get done :3 <3 Just drawing cute doodles was way less time consuming but discussions like the one here are so inspiring and helpful I want to create more posts with the purpose of moving us forward :D <3 So thank you again for being such a sweet, inspiring and helpful person. You rock!
  • sanderson_lsptGooooo , this is good. 💪 💪
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