• jdcharismaMe, Me'shell The Artist (an amazing artist), & Zhiyon (an amazing producer & engineer) in the studio! Putting in that work tonight! Had a great time with y'all! I appreciate the hustle! 😌👌🔥

  • meshelltheartistYou're super dope, can't wait to hear what's next!🔥🔥💯
  • jdcharismaLikewise! Love your music and what I've heard so far! 🔥👌😌
  • zhiyonmalayI was just glad to be in the same room as 2 superstars. 😁😃😎
  • meshelltheartistThank you, ditto 🔥 @jdcharisma
  • meshelltheartistYou're a dope producer, stop being modest lmbo @zhiyonpro
  • jdcharisma@zhiyonmalay lol I'm glad to be working with a super producer on a "super" project.. see what I did there? I guess it suits us lol. 😌👍
  • frontrvnnersNice
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