• kymri"Look up at that moon" Jane Goodall remarked only moments before. While all eyes were on her, I followed her gaze. Above the trees where the mist swirled, the moon shone bright, bathing us in light. For that brief moment in time and space, I stood on our planet earth, gazing up at the moon, side by side with a radiant star. How honored and humbled I was to be graced by her smile and presence. There were many eyes, ears, voices and cameras around, but in that moment, for me, it all melted away. Thanks to @judyantell for seizing and capturing this. And thanks #DisneyConservationFund for an incredible and beautiful evening at #animalkingdom. #awakensummer #tmomdisney #hosted #conservation #travel #janegoodall #lovethisplanet

  • travelmamasI met her when I was about 13 or so. It was not so magical.
  • livesinadream@travelmamas do tell!
  • thetravelingpratersSounds like a moment you'll never forget @kymri.
  • carissarogersNo way! You selfied w her!?
  • travelmamasI had read her books and was super enthralled with her. My parents took me to a fundraising dinner where she was the keynote speaker. My mom brought me over & introduced me saying, "My daughter loves your books and wants to do animal research like you!" Ms. Goodall looked at me dismissively and said something like, "Well, we'll see about that." I don't remember her exact words but I remember how she made me feel: unimportant and unworthy of respect. Everyone has bad days, I know. But it was tough as a kid to meet a hero and have her be so insensitive.
  • travelmamasEarlier that year we had been given an assignment to write a paper & give a presentation on a famous person we admired. While other kids chose movie stars, sports stars & Walt Disney - I chose Jane Goodall. It was quite disappointing indeed to meet her.
  • kymri@travelmamas I would have taken that as a challenge, but I can understand how that might have deflated your expectations. She keeps it real, she's only human too, and I didn't get that vibe that she feels any better than anyone else. I just think her expectations of humanity have been a disappointment as well. In her defense, when everyone was dusting the pedestal for her, she diverted the attention away from herself and back to nature...
  • kymri@travelermom it's a fleeting moment that definitely will stay!
  • kymri@carissarogers nope, this shot was the work of@judyantell, My selfie actually caught the moment she looked up at the moon. And that's not being published because it's only meaningful to me.
  • jameskeenanWow! Cool
  • kymri@jameskeenan 😎
  • jameskeenanHer research and story has taught us so mush about how society works and how to get along hopefully. 🐒🐒🐒
  • suzette008So special!!
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