• pageflutterOne of my favorite spreads in my bullet journal. Even though I have been eating clean for almost a decade, I still reference this often when I am grocery shopping.
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  • pageflutter@charmainew_2013 Not to worry, I make room for freedom! I don't know if you can see the 80/20 rule on the right but it's 80% clean, 20% LIFE! No way to make it long-term otherwise. Clean eating is significantly less restrictive than Whole 30. I couldn't do more than 30 of that, either. 😜
  • logthatlifeLove this page, and I'm a BIG fan of 80/20 too! What does "dirty dozen" mean? Is it some sort of extra poisoned veggies ans fruits?
  • pageflutter@logthatlife The dirty dozen are fruits and veggies that typically have the most pesticides in their farming process, so I try to get them organic, if possible.
  • logthatlifeJust what I meant by "poisoned", my english is so poor, sorry 🙈 but i makes great sense, and i love your list-idea 😍
  • pageflutter@logthatlife No, your English was just fine! And thank you for your sweet comment. 💜😄
  • crocheting_by_jana@pageflutter would love to see all the information on both pages.
  • lyrical.bujoI've been clean eating for three years and I've never felt better! I love this spread for a reminder every once in awhile
  • pageflutterThanks @lyrical.bujo! It is a great way to shake things up when I get in a food rut, too. Love your IG feed, btw! Full of some of my favorite things. 😍
  • lyrical.bujoThank you so much! That's so sweet! 💕
  • lyla222Hi there! This is a really great spread and just what I was looking for. I was wondering what your last section was on sweeteners, it's hard to read.. Thanks so much. and congrats on eating clean for the last decade that's definitely an amazing accomplishment!
  • a_g4411Yes! I love this and need to use it!!! I was wondering as well about the sweeteners section...anyway you could post a picture of that side or let us know what's in that section? I would truly appreciate it! Thanks for sharing this!!!!
  • pageflutter@lyla222 @a_g4411 I just posted a new photo for you. Enjoy, ladies! 😘
  • lyla222@pageflutter thank you!
  • janzamora_Hello, I found this picture on Pinterest. I read in the comment section that you posted a new picture to see the second page, but I can't find it. I would love to know what the sweeteners section says. This a great intro to my fitness bullet journal. Thank you!
  • pageflutter@janzamora_ Here's the direct link to the other post: https://instagram.com/p/BJlNVwxgU8g/
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