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  • scarumPart 7 of the Heroes For Ghosts Director's Commentary! 😊 5 years ago I flew to #Norway to shoot a #musicvideo (or more accurately a #short #film) for @thegatheringband with their #singer @siljewer. The #video was for #HeroesForGhosts, the first track off their new album #Disclosure. The video was shot in just 4 days.
    To mark the 5th anniversary of the video I will share a couple of scenes & give a #DirectorsCommentary. Full video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6m-zhD8Qh9w #dslr #filmmaking #director @knarfd50 @rrutten @lilletvedten

    We #shot a lot of the video in the @scandicnorge Hotel in #Bergen, a very luxurious room that added #atmosphere to the video.
    Conflict has been building & now it erupts. Both frustrated, arguing, accusations flying. Asking a lot here of my #actors, they had to show negative emotions, which as said before, is difficult for them. If you look closely at their faces, you can see how much they actually lived the part they were #acting.
    This #scene is the first breaking point in the #story, so I decided to have her do something physical, not just scream, to show that she’s done with him. I liked the #image of angry Silje throwing the duvet to bury Mads (and the camera) & it worked in the #edit as well.
    In the next image we see her standing, bathed in light, her reflection in the mirror on the back wall. A glance over her shoulder, vulnerable, but strong & then determined. She’s decided. I liked the #framing on that shot, #filming her standing in the doorway to the bathroom, lights on in there & the rest of the room darkened. It had to look like it was the middle of the night. There is a lot of #lens #blur in the shot, except for her eyes. The #focus is on the moment you can see in her eyes she decides she’s had enough.
    Throughout the scene we can see Silje singing with lots of emotion, as she relives the memories of that night. These shots were actually done much later, when she was in The Netherlands. We filmed in a space in the #honigfabriek, with lots of very long black curtains, that made a nice even backdrop, so I could isolate Silje & also #capture her movements as she sways while #singing, all #handheld.

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