• jeredgruber“Always keep riding. You’re going to come across something today - something is going to go wrong. Try to keep the morale high, just keep going. There’s always someone else who has had a puncture or a bike change. You can come back a lot in this race. Stuey O’Grady is a great example of that. He was in the early break, had a puncture, thought his race was over, and he won Paris-Roubaix. Keep believing. Keep riding. It’s not over until you get to the velodrome." - Mathew Hayman ahead of his incredible Roubaix victory.
    Check out our latest Strava Story (link in bio) and don't miss the @orica_greenedge Backstage Pass.
    It gave me goosebumps a hundred times over. My piece pales next to the Backstage Pass - one of the most beautiful things I've seen in a long time.
    Long live the underdog - long live sheer joy.

  • twanfrombruges@jeredgruber That's an awesome shot!
  • jufemaizYep, @orica_greenedge nailed the video for Mat! Their backstage passes are always insightful and fun but this one was an all time homage to one of their senior champions and leaders.
  • jufemaiz@beardmcbeardy you're in there somewhere right?
  • theseaandtheskyGreat photo :)
  • alexbumpersAwesome awesome. @ballergabe watch the backstage pass video. Gave me goosebumps.
  • awainandroidWow, Nice!!
  • mooreandy@thomas_moore_03
  • matt4thatt@capturehappy
  • basaraban@cb_bazza
  • hendriksteytlerphotographyWow man. U always have the right shot and angle! What lens did you use here @jeredgruber 70-200? Do you use canon or nikon gear?
  • stephen_p_kAnd @ashleygruber is (in the photo) shooting from the opposite direction?! Teamwork, makes all the difference
  • bwalsh1983All true, a hugely emotional win. Every now and again sport produces something that elevates it and Sunday was one of those for a sport that has had its ups and downs like no other. The backstage pass is incredible, pure joy. Something worth watching also the an post/kurt boeghard video from the 2013 TOB when Sam Bennet won, pure emotion in that one!
  • alex_gm_rose@bensmorrow @samwise_foster
  • jobrienauAlways keep riding, just keep riding.
  • ecnico15These are the race stories we can take inspiration from, a truly special classic which had all the characteristic drama and more. A humble rider won the day and said "things like this don't happen!" His 3rd win in 17 years as a pro. And the Backstage Pass. I cried. Twice
  • southernhoax@ecnico15 yep chills and tears. Amazing.
  • capturehappyThanks @matt4thatt
  • bikebumbThe contrast from Hayman to Boonen. Wow.
  • jaredg29Yeah backstage pass video as always was incredible, what a race!
  • cianoreilly92@darmcmahon The pump is real!
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