A Syrian refuges kid at Piraeus port , Athens.#greece #refugees #piraeus #piraeusport
  • zalmaiA Syrian refuges kid at Piraeus port , Athens.#greece #refugees #piraeus #piraeusport

  • adeferro💖😢🙏 #beautiful this pic says it all...
  • mchaidezBeautiful eyes. Great shot capturing so many emotions
  • mujtabajalaliThank you dear Zalmai for capturing moments forever! 🙌🏼
  • mmccglobal
  • semajmasIt almost feels wrong to 'like' these pictures, however they're so striking. Thanks for sharing Zalmai. I read a little about you on a blog and your story is inspiring, please keep on doing what you do...
  • fcs_studio😢 pic filled with emotions
  • matiyoungthis picture says a thousand words. past, present and future.
  • matiyoung@semajmas we like the images out of respect but i know how you feel.
  • cori_cduTrès belle photo. Vos photos sont très expressives. Vivantes et pleines d émotions.
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