• mynameisjessamynWhile warming up for today's @shape_magazine shoot, I practiced my #handstand game & my boo @kyliegilbert caught the evidence. You can watch BTS stuff on their snapchat and mine (@shape_magazine & @mynameisjessamy)! Recently, my home practice has been dominated by all kinds of handstand work, but I find myself only sharing little snippets of it on Instagram.
    I like charting my #hollowback progress so that shows up a lot, but the rest of my handstanding practice rarely makes it to this feed.
    I know why- it's because I like having something that's exclusively for me. It's hard having your personal practice on display- it takes a definite toll on the psyche when everyone has an opinion about the way your body moves. And while I only speak for myself, I've definitely heard this same spiel from other yoga practitioners who are active on social media.
    So I've been keeping my handstand practice away from public lenses, and enjoying the slow process of subtle and hard won rewards. But I'm glad this moment was caught today- it reminds me of how much I love just kicking up without any fear or concern for the future. Not to mention that everything about my body in this picture makes me happy. I mean, my knock knees give absolutely no fucks who knows about them. My belly is basically always sliding out of my pants. My side boob chub is ALWAYS sliding out of my sports bras when I practice #inversions (....ALWAYS.) I know there are people who want me to be ashamed of it, but I just can't get there. I spent decades in that pit of self-degradation. I'm fucking over it. For once, I actually do #lovemyshape, and I am not giving up that freedom for anything.

    Leggings- @k.deer
    Sports Bra- @shape_magazine
    📸 by @kyliegilbert
    (Btw, @nolatrees- WHY THE FUCK ARE WE BOTH HANDSTANDING IN @k.deer leggings, I CAN'T.) (Also, this #inversion is dedicated to baby girl @rebekahletch bc her #handstands inspire me all day long.)

  • gracieblueantiquelove this ❤ @violinbones
  • schoenitzz@anastasia.selini lass mal hier weiterschreiben das andere bild hat mich hungrig gemacht
  • anastasia.seliniHahaha ja mich auch 😂😂 aber ey musst du mir auch mal kochen 😎 @schoenitzz
  • schoenitzz@anastasia.selini ich jaxx mir jetzt erstmal einen hadeee
  • anastasia.seliniBerkant geht nich und die anderen sind sich auch ni Ch sicher ob sie gehn @schoenitzz guten Appetit baby 😊
  • layoonibataWhen next i see you @tunde2330
  • britlitjunkieSuch an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your light.
  • wisco_yogiLove love loveeeeeeee your Denver snaps & your love for Girl Scout cookie ❤️
  • byjustinema@jennygaither @movemeantfound
  • glendawayI just started yoga and many times I though "im heaving a hard time doing this (or that) cause im overweight", well i guess all it takes is pratice ❤ youre an inspiration!
  • world_of_cree@ironmongol_training She's amazing.
  • ashley__lucinda"I know there are people that want me to be ashamed of it, but I just can't get there." <<holy fucking shit I needed this post. I've been practicing for two years, made some awesome progress over the last few months then taken like 50 steps backwards lately (weight gain, life shit etc). Thanks for reminding me that I'll be ok ❤️
  • apariciolauriita@crmnbp
  • creating_caitlinAmazing + beautiful + strong + inspiring ❤❤❤❤❤❤
  • noorimamooliسلام😚
  • flawlesslee@mynameisjessamyn MY KNOCK-KNEES TELL ON THEMSELVES AS WELL!! You're so dope!! I'm down almost 100lbs, and look forward to taking on yoga, once I run next year's NYC TCS Marathon...🏃🙄
  • itsonlyhairrwLove your pants! Who makes them?
  • tatianemarcondestudiopilates@jennifer0026 vc consegue!!!👏👏👏
  • _f.t.b.f.o_I am nervous to be in this position. I am practicing handstands facing the wall 😔
  • lizamoroneyHow dream of the day I get to do a hand stand nearly 36 years old and NEVER done one.
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