New blog post: My life is complete... #craislistismyspiritanimal
  • victoriaelizabethbarnesNew blog post: My life is complete... #craislistismyspiritanimal

  • debracrippsI always read your posts to my hubby and we both cry with laughter.
  • lawyermomma23That is so beautiful my heart is full just looking at it. Wow. Hooray for GFT!!!
  • marielle1949Worth the wait. Just fabulous.
  • anitaginnYou were absolutely right, well worth selling your soul for :)
  • flowergrl333Fabulous find! Love your passion.
  • brandy_reLove your clog story. Your parents are wise 😊
  • renniescampersand@leporkins I keep thinking VEB is you when I'm speed-scrolling through my feed. 😋
  • re.engineeredOff to read the blog post.... This GFT is uh-freaking-mazing!!!! 😍😍😍😍
  • calamityayneYou're my spirit animal.
  • soogdierYou need to star in a shitty reality show about Craigslist antiques dealing.
  • leporkins@renniescampersand this does look like a pose I would strike
  • wildmountainstudioReally suits you!
  • basscmelYou should name it "My precious" and you the lord of the giant fancy things!
  • claygirlsingsDefinitely better than the decoy! Is it big enough for you to fit inside?
  • blhs1978New meaning to "beast mode" ?
  • _rhiannon_So, I just discovered your blog last night and I've spent majority of today ignoring my family and binge reading your posts. Totally acceptable right? I mean 2 year olds can basically bathe themselves? ...wait, brb. (Just kidding 😜)
  • cricketmdI think you may be my spirit animal.
  • titianhairedbeautyIf you ever make your way to Natchez, Mississippi for some great antique shopping and breathtaking historic home tours, I do hope you will look us up / stay with us! #starlingsrestnatchez #soulsister.
  • a__roseI don't know how I stumbled upon your blog, but thank god I did. That's the important part. Now I need to go back to reading about furniture and what's clearly a motivational page on life. I mean, the big furniture is like finding points, right? Do I need a antique 7th velvet chair? Also yes. (I'm only on my 3rd post, but I'm hooked!)
  • novelartsJust discovered your blog and I've read about 4 posts. You are equal parts amusing, genius, and awesome. I can't wait to read some posts to my husband 😊
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