Hana's a right proper little explorer 😊 #dinatokio #dinaincairo
  • dinatokioHana's a right proper little explorer 😊 #dinatokio #dinaincairo

  • sami_elma@naimaelma mdrrr grave b3eyza 😁😁😁 !!!
  • bent_papaha___@naimaelma oui Dawar swag lol
  • naimaelmaMdrr on a tte la meme 3robia lol
  • ftma67@b_mac_metwally i dnt think u understand wat i meant i know how diverse and beautiful the culture is wat i meant was the citys RUN DOWN some parts are knackered so no i dnt heed to open my mind im well travelled, u need to read something properly before commenting open yr eyes .
  • ftma67@b_mac_metwally where the hell did I say shes showing the bad side of egypt you freak read my comments properly!! and im half Egyptian i know we are ace!! like usay wher the best people in the world hahaha
  • ftma67@b_mac_metwally yes I said I hated it I was telling my opinion never said SHE'S showing bad side looks like im right u really need to open yr eyes haha
  • ftma67@b_mac_metwally now I said im half egyptian u probz hate it like u said we are the best people hahahahahahahaha thats us.
  • yomnaa_moezShame on u ✋🏻
  • nourhan_zakariaWhy ya fandem?
  • realtalk_mum_outhere@jehnifah_design she for twoo colours....
  • nassayedI respect you Dina because you are a positive role model for all the young hijabis out there. your photos are not head to toe airbrushed..there are elements of naturalness in them whereas other hijab bloggers are head to toe dressed in photoshop, filters and makeup. It sends out a negative image and message to girls who are already bombarded with pictures by western media on how they should look, which is all fake. When i raise this point with other hijab bloggerd, they get offended...and block me. After all what is the point of Muslim fashion if we are going to.be giving out the same message as Western media and endorsing media's standards of beauty.
  • pandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas@hfsa_em heb dezelfde broek
  • pandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas@hfsa_em Hahhahahah laat me blij zijn
  • hayaa_ahamed@azz_osman
  • maymustafafrI automatically knew it was Egypt 😑
  • nicro2جبل المقطم اهو ههههه
  • nancymohamed99وهو معلش ياعني ملقتش في مصر كلها مباني حلوة هب الصورة دي الوحيدة الي حبت تكتشفها عن مصر هي علي العموم مش فارقة معايا بس مستقز التعليق انها بتكتشف مصر ومصر بقي مكان جاراج وعمارة تحت الانشاء المهم لو رحنا بلدها بقي سراء بقي باكستان ولا الهند حنشوف المرار والعجب بس نقول ايه بقي اصلها نفوس لما بتشبع بتبان
  • lamalawiمحلا المكان ^^
  • meshmeshalolaWhy that?this is egypt !!!!!!!! Egypt is beautiful.....I think you mean it to send the bad idea about egypt 😏😏😏😏...ربنا يهدي
  • omamohammad_127Such little places beautiful in Egypt. But almost all like in this photo... and it's really bad and I am pity Egyptian people who live all time in Egypt... Bad economic...
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