• nk_ceriaWeird to say, but months ago I revisited a boulder with bolts.
    I have always kept away from sport climbing and ropes; but last December I checked this wonderful arete, bolted by a friend of mine back in 2009.
    I first looked for a bouldering way, but I couldn't see myself climbing on such a tall wall. Maybe for someone, not for me.
    I hence dropped down, cleaning the holds and miming the hard moves.
    For the first time, I opted to make an exception and I somehow didn't reject the idea of a sport ascent.
    For me, climbing with rope and bolts feels definitively frustrating.
    I can't feel totally free and I somehow can't not express the climbing as it should be according to my vision.
    Due to the very high quality of the route, I anyway feel to make an exception and give me a chance.
    Last Saturday, I made my first attempts from the bottom, trying to get a decent mood with rope climbing.
    Feelings are now a quarrel of love and hate at the same time. I don't know how much longer this precarious balance can keep me excited.
    Until it goes, I will try to follow it.
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  • johndangerdanielsIt's definitely a different feeling, but you can really up your climbing difficulty in an endurance kinda way. Linking hard Boulder problem after hard Boulder problem. The fall aspect is gnarly on a highball as well. If you blew out an ankle or a knee it could be life changing. I personally like to watch the strongest guys falling repeatedly trying to link the hardest moves in the world. It's cool to see @dave_graham_ and @dawoods89 Make a gnarly break through in the sport climbing world. I think following the intended style of an area is good too. Bolted sport climbs in the buttermilks is strange. And so on. To each their own. Climb on brother @nk_ceria
  • nk_ceriaThanks for the comment @johndangerdaniels. It is definitevely a different feeling and it would be very extreme to think this arete like highball for me. I personally feel this problem very hard and only doable with rope for my skills!
  • bryceshuEvery one has there own preferences. I first started trad climbing with my brother and fell in love. More recently I have began bouldering and love that just as much. Climbing all in all is just incredible
  • fluye_escalada@josemaria.ag ... Estricto no maish...
  • nk_ceriaAgree :) @bryceshu
  • emi_nobigAscending fluently with a rope free from frustration...you'll become soon addicted 🙌
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