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  • scarumPart 6 of the Heroes For Ghosts Director's Commentary! 😊 5 years ago I flew to #Norway to shoot a #musicvideo (or more accurately a #short #film) for @thegatheringband with their singer @siljewer. The #video was for #HeroesForGhosts, the first track off their new album #Disclosure. The video was shot in just 4 days. To mark the fifth anniversary of the video I will share a couple of scenes from the video & give a #DirectorsCommentary. Full video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6m-zhD8Qh9w #dslr #filmmaking #director @knarfd50 @rrutten @lilletvedten

    The first #shot, Silje and Mads on the couch, Silje looking for attention, being ignored & getting up, pretty upset, was shot in the same luxurious hotel room we shot the big fight / lovemaking #scene that appears later in the video. It was pretty difficult for Mads & Silje to pretend their relationship was falling apart, since they are so much in love. They managed to overcome their feelings & really got into it eventually! They’re absolutely believable being awkward & breaking up! Just look at their faces!
    The rain falling into the lake I #filmed on the last day I was in Norway, when Maria (our #producer) & I went up one of the beautiful mountains. I was looking to shoot some #bRoll when we found this small, tranquil lake surrounded by trees. As I was setting up the #camera, it started to rain. It just looked so sad & melancholic. I thought it was a very nice poetic #visual to #signal that the bad times & misery have arrived.
    The last shot we filmed at another hotel lobby. It was just a quick #cutaway, the whole thing is sort of a #montage to show you how things are deteriorating between them. I love how Mads looks to Silje, then turns his eyes down & Silje stoically gets up, then walks away without even looking at him. You can feel the tension coming off the #screen. #Shallow #DOF #DepthOfField here to give Silje space & get you closer to Mads. Mads is getting a bit more #screentime here! I don’t think we even asked permission to #film there, but because of my #canon5dmkii we could get away with that. #RunandGun, baby! :)

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