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  • thebloggessHe has 100 toys and this is what he chooses to play with.

  • emilyruth1225We had a cat, Bob, who didn't play with water, just was dumb enough that he would try to drink from the faucet and instead just stuck his head under the tap, licking the water that ran over his face toward his mouth.
  • laurkim89My cat's favorite toys are the hair ties that I leave on bathroom counters, end tables, and night stands. She has tons of toys. Cats are ridiculous.
  • cindihiltI love cats that play in water!!
  • jaymet56The ultimate stress relievers. That's what this cat is doing for me right now.
  • bluesabrielI don't know that I've ever seen a cat go after water with such enthusiasm.
  • laurie.stokerThat's about right. Why waste money on toys? Cats ALWAYS make their own toys.
  • grafarholtI take a sheet of toilet paper, roll it up like a cigarette and make a knot. Throw it at my cats and they have hours of fun. That is also the reason you find toilet paper knots all over my house.
  • juannalamarannaMy cat is fascinated with a flushing toilet.
  • jclorimorMine does this too! And she can turn it on all by herself.
  • dinosaursforlifeI just watched this replay more times than I'm comfortable admitting. So satisfying watching that cat play with water lol, i don't even know why...
  • taripie@dinosaursforlife You're not alone. :-)
  • jayzthechickenMine sits in the tub and meows/demands that the water be turned on to a slow drip
  • outofhertreeWe had a cat who I think secretly loved water. He "accidentally" fell in the tub numerous times and used to sit on the sprinkler when we let him outside. #catsarefunny #cattherapy
  • bambamx21Play with the toys once just so "you can't return them because they have spit on them" (Steve Martin)
  • curiouserstaceyWhoa. He's got skills.
  • moniqueroweMore entertaining ?
  • kfezin"Furiously happy" is awesome! Your book is awesomeeeeeeee! I'm lovin' it! 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛😄
  • solitary_bibliophile❤️😻😂
  • jaelbattyHe's trying to catch it.
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