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  • chasingleiaOk this is possibly the most raw footage as quoted by @cozofmyhumpmyhumpmyhump (shit thats a long username la 😑) A series of "What the fuck is going on" and then the "Superman fist" cos you are supposed to make sure u fall head down if you want to touch the water which is why i try to stop my body from going leg first and turn by force (i opted to touch it but i wasn't in the correct position to dip so there goes my chance.) followed by screams + choking hahahha because my body is lunging down and to my surprise- it is still attach to my head is not in the right gravitational position and being stretched out in pain and then came the "Remember when you are down and swinging 1 and 2 - pull out the red rope with your strength, as hard as you could so you could get back to 180." and boom there was a series of excitement, screams of happiness and sighing and more screams of happiness and me talking to myself exploding like a fireworks HAHAHAHA Liya 1 Height 0.
    And then i was back at the jump pod saying i want to go again!

    Have fun watching this for those that keep bugging me until they become skeleton HAHAH!
    Thank you @ajhackettbungynz for bringing me back up in one piece.

    #LiyaxNz #BungeeJump #neuseeland #NewZealand #AjHackett #travelstoke #adventure #justdoit #bucketlist #wanderlust

  • chasingleia@izskyline boleh!
  • mfilzermmm..gopro stabilisation system liya 😠
  • chasingleiaHAHAHAHHAHA LEK LAH @mfilz kite tk mampu la tk mcm awak beli drone bagai 😤😤😤 hahaha
  • mfilzkan..mampu sangat kita ni..urghh...ngada aih liya..hahaha.......eh, bila nak ada full video ni kt NZ!
  • chasingleia@mfilz nanti laaaa banyak sangat video tu. Nak menulis je dulu.
  • mfilzmeh saya jadi admin web awak yg pemes tu..hahahaha
  • naktravel😱😱😱
  • naim_zakaria💪💪💪💪💪
  • whotookmymojoWahlao they don't even let me hold a gopro stick when I did that. 😱😱🙌🙌
  • chasingleia@naktravel @naim_zakaria ✌🏼️✌🏼
  • chasingleia@whotookmymojo how long ago you went? hahah they let me hold but must put the pole at the shortest so it wont hit my head.
  • shahranakhansuara tercekik mcm 🐱 hehehe
  • chasingleia@thehijabimusafir kau suke eh!!!
  • shahranakhan😁😁😁✌🏼️
  • dannymaximus😁😁😁😈👌🏻this was fun .. Only person other then me who I saw kept smiling all thru the jump ... Interesting that they didn't give helmets and let u jump with GoPro .. This was perfect
  • chasingleiahahahahha yeah i just realised that i was actually smiling the whole time through the jump hhahah @dannymaximus so u jump smiling too? haha
  • dannymaximusHaha yah i was going uhuooo😁 n fisting my hand up saying to myself .. Yes did it .. But I was hanging upside down at the end of jump like bat 😌🙈
  • whotookmymojoThat was like in late 2014. I can only wear a chest mount hahaha but yeah this was epic even tho never manage to touch the water haiss
  • cozofmyhumpmyhumpmyhump😂
  • chasingleia@cozofmyhumpmyhumpmyhump 😑😑😑
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