• aldonsmithBlessed
  • samieboe_tha_goer_48Keep yo head up and pray to god Bruh...tough times dont last tough people do. Raider nation gots love for you and we waiting on you like you never left. #Ballout #TOWNBIZZNEZ
  • keepnfit4lifeCmon Aldon, word on da street is another domestic case??? Damn bro I hope it's not true! We need you back on da roster...
  • whatsnxt24@aldonsmith why do you have to be so god damn selfish. could've been someone now your just like the rest of them... good for you
  • remboneAll bs aside we're here for you big dawg. Hopin and praying we get to see you next season. Keep ya head up
  • rembone@whatsnxt24 do you really know wtf is going on? Stfu and let the man deal with HIS BUSINESS
  • adam_robinson3Waste of talent
  • bubba_monkey81How fucking stupid can you be? Surround yourself with lion's not losers! You are a fucking special talent that has a gift anybody would give a finger for and you piss it away. As I fan I really believed in you and I had high hopes that you were gonna earn a ring with the silver and black! I love the Oakland Raiders and to see you shit the bed again is really disappointing. I hope this is merely a crazy situation where someone knows the circumstances that you are in and they lied. But my gut tells me different! I will pray for you young bull and hope you can find peace with yourself! You could've an amazing role model.
  • josephperez1314^^
  • ham__909^^ real shit
  • whatsnxt24@rembone easy there chubbs gotta put a fire under his ass. Can't baby him he's a grown ass man that needs to not get in trouble when he's always got the spotlight on him.
  • elizabethvictoriaa🙌🏼❤
  • stevie5_you're an idiot you came from nothing went to the top with your family and God and you just wanna throw it all away I pray for you man go to rehab already
  • themuslimgent🔥🔥🔥
  • fullyrockinefrenHope u can make it to the raiders this season coming up
  • guacamol3_joeCome fucking fight me you bastard. Il get my ass kicked just to hopefully connect on your thick fucking skull one time you fucking asshole. Alcohol is more important than the dream? Fuckin Prick
  • raidervic_23Why you doing this to yourself man you had something most people dream about and your wasting your talent hopefully you can really learn from the trouble you've been in and seek help and maybe one day return to the field either in silver & black or somewhere else ✌
  • wenglish_777@keepnfit4life man who the fuck are you to tell this man how to live his life those are some foul words for u to say to a professional athlete what have you done with yourself to be laying that shit on him , he's human we all have our own problems this is just one now because he got caught other wise nobody would've given a shit if he showed up on game day. Keep that shit to yourself pussy smfh.
  • jdurant88We need you back on the field please get it together be sober and tear up the league with mack and irvin @aldonsmith
  • crystalshineslvWelcome to Vegas !
  • jimmysprinter#amen ✊🏾
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