• smarterartistThank you to every single person that attended the inaugural Smarter Artist Summit.

    I know I'm supposed to be a writer and all but I can't properly describe the exact feeling when you find your people.

    We just spent 2+ days with some of the smartest, kindest people. Who all happen to be doing the same work, and all happen to have the same sense of humor.

    There is not one person I met this week that didn't belong to this tribe.

    I know Johnny, Sean and Dave are the "hosts" of the event. But we kind of deliberately didn't use the word "leader" for a reason. Sean told me yesterday he thought there were a lot of future millionaires in that room.

    I can think of so many Summit attendees that would be great speakers for next year. How often does that happen? That a conference is able to gather that many truly talented, genius people in one place.

    All of this is to say, yes 'the boys' did great, and the speakers were amazing, and I did ok ... But this all literally would have been work in vain if you all (OUR PEOPLE) hadn't supported and believed and invested in a ticket for the Summit.

    We know it's not inexpensive. Especially when you remember it's our first event. We cannot thank you enough for being our people.

    PS if you weren't able to attend this year, ask an attendee about the #legendofbenhale (he's in the blue in this photo)

  • kerrymcquaideI agree. What an amazing crowd! I was so impressed with everyone I met, speakers and attendees. Thank you for hosting and making it all possible. 👏Applause for Amy. 😘
  • smarterartist#smarterartist #sterlingandstone #selfpublishing #indieauthor
  • tinfoxcreativeThis is cool :)
  • superg_krause@smarterartist I keep telling people how blown away I was to be surrounded by people who were seriously getting shit done. And every person I talked to was incredibly humble and generous. Truly a one-of-a-kind event. Awesome job, Team Sterling & Stone. And you rock, @amyteegan! Happy Birthday!!
  • authordaniellegarrettCan't wait till next year! I was having serious FOMO over here watching the pics go up. 😔
  • smarterartist@authordaniellegarrett next year!!!!
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