• schoolofthought_sg“School of Thought is so much more than your typical GP tuition centre. Its unconventional lessons had me raising my eyebrows at times, as we were made to do things like “close your eyes and imagine a typical women’s handbag” and “now imagine a men’s dress watch”. Safe to say I had mixed feelings about the relevance of such lessons to scoring an A in GP. But I began to see the wisdom in these lessons as the teacher went around asking us to announce our answers to the two questions. We learnt how different objects and descriptions had social stereotypes, different connotations and different perceptions attached to them.
    Lessons like these are a dime a dozen and, in my opinion, are massively superior to the usual droning lectures doled out in schools. SOT approaches GP with a novel idea of teaching us to think, instead of giving us mountains and mountains of dry readings. It cultivates the thirst in students to reason, to reflect critically and to question assumptions. SOT taught me to look at the bigger picture, past the A Levels. It does not, however, forsake scoring well in the A Levels. The classes and lectures provided a very comprehensive view of the world at large as well as the Singapore context. The handouts and essays passed down to us were top quality and allowed us to learn from the best.

    I can confidently say that SOT taught me to think for myself, and not for the GP syllabus. It has served me well to this day, as I prepare to embark on my university studies in Law." - Jarvis Go, Cambridge Undergraduate (Law), SOT Class of 2013. #StudentsofSOT

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