• functionalmvmtOlympic hopeful and 4X US National Champion in the 3000m steeplechase @emmacoburn kicks off her race to Rio with the FMS and YBT at @definingsports.

  • darles1118That's sick
  • darles1118Wow
  • buckthedeer13I thought the heel was supposed to remain planted when doing YBT????
  • chrisleavYeah, why isn't the heel down
  • movementguidesThe heel does not have to be down on LQYBT
  • rchow86Anyone ever accomplish things that are amazing and by definition be at the top of their field and competition and then have some random person on the Internet criticize their craft? Lol
  • aadtrainingNo subtalar joint restrictions there... impressive!
  • jwl1979Whats the LQ stands for in LQYBT?
  • drsfrithLower Quadrant
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