🇰🇷 KOREAN WEEK: Try our recipe for "Korean Lamb Bulgogi with nashi Slaw"! It's a #paleorecipe and a #traditionalrecipe at the same time! 😍😍😍
This classic Korean BBQ marinated meat is called “bulgogi” and it’s traditionally eaten wrapped in a lettuce leaf with various condiments. It’s a very social dish – everything is placed in the centre of the table and everyone can make thier own wraps.  Nashi pear is quite commonly paired with lamb as it has a natural sweetness, so this slaw works perfectly with the richness of the meat. If you have trouble finding the korean red pepper paste (“Gochujang” or “Kochujang”), you can substitute with miso paste and hot paprika powder #paleofood #paleo
➡️ get the recipe! Go to WWW.SAMMYANDBELLA.COM and search "bulgogi"
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