• johansson_projects"Repetition is a virtue of Blaise Rosenthal's art. Charcoal lines, drawn in painstaking density, assert themselves on earthy canvases, forming monoliths at once imposing and grounding. These forms, often split between asymmetric panels, gesture towards horizons and frontiers. Repeated chant-like, they lend the gallery the aura of a chapel (heightened by the unique arches in this space). I saw echoes of Serra, of course, as well as traces of Warhol's piss paintings in the pigment splotches. And, in an exquisitely sparse Untitled work in the back room, I thrilled at the recall of Nasreen Mohamedi. 👍🏾" -Colin Fernandes @johansson_projects @blaiserosenthal #johanssonprojects #blaiserosenthal

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