🐣 POLISH EASTER: After a long fast for lent... It's time to FEAST! The best Polish food in the whole wide world is #kiebasa, which means sausage. ▪️One type of this sausage is called #kabanosy... which has somehow been twisted and turned upside down in Australia. Supermarkets here call it "cabanossi" but I can guarantee you that it's soooo far removed from the original Polish version.. and they taste awful! ▪️"kransky" is also another bastardisation of a Slovenian sausage called #kranjska. Again, the Aussie version is inedible.
These are loads of different kinds of sausages, with different levels of smoke, fat, garlic, juniper, dry marjoram, nutmeg and pepper. 🙏🙏🙏 Please visit a polish deli and sample the real thing!
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