• kalinasilverman😊 #makebigtalk

  • kor_at👍🏻
  • isabella_g94Yessss I want these!!!
  • erindgorman👍❤️😘
  • albakaneSome dried figs I see der??
  • kristengruidlLove this and you
  • nerissamaniacSo eager to view the new video
  • sarinaaxx_Hey, was really inspired by your ted video, I might even do my own 😁
  • clemenshoyosHi Kalina! I recently heard your TED Talk and were immediately inspired! Keep up your great work 😊
  • shannonjaeprior😎
  • kalinasilverman@sarinaaxx_ thank you! I'd be thrilled if you made your own video. You could even share it with me at makebigtalk.com/shareyourstory :D
  • dianasofia18@kalinasilverman I am LOVING so much my Big Talk cards!!! I started going through them with the hubby...❤️🙌🏻😍🙏🏻Great way to sparkle meaningful conversations, learn about each other and get thoughtful! sending you love!!! ❤️⚡️🙌🏻😘
  • scoobiezJust saw your TEDx. Resonated with me. Ib💕Big-talking!! My new verb. Looking into cards for my college bound teen. Well done you!!Thank you for living fearlessly. 👏🏼
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