Week One, Day Four of 22 Minute Hard Corps:  Resistance 1.

I got my ass handed to me today. I finally got around to filling up my PT sandbag before doing my workout today and, well, one wouldn’t think something as little as changing from dumbbells to a sandbag would make such a difference, but it most certainly did. 
I got halfway through the bonus round at the end and literally collapsed.

That might not sound like a good thing (and under some circumstances it wouldn’t be) but it really is exactly what I was hoping for. I’ve talked all week about how this program is, for me, about staying in my lane when it comes to exercise and a huge part of that is psychological. I need to be wiped out.

See, this stuff isn’t just about exercise for me. When I test myself and go to my limit it resets the emotional and mental hard drive. Just what I needed.

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