"There's a lot of things, a lot of growth that has to happen but we fight for every inch and I really like that identity." - Brooks Laich #TMLtalk
  • mapleleafs"There's a lot of things, a lot of growth that has to happen but we fight for every inch and I really like that identity." - Brooks Laich #TMLtalk

  • jbg_77Leafs are 2nd for me bud Come back to the caps brooks @scottyc2981
  • ej_zekeDude look at Legends Row @leafs.talk Does Lupul, Komorov, Bozak resemble any traits or characteristics these guys had that made them immortal in Leafs history? I understand that not every player makes a great captain but god damn leaders lead and look where we are. With all due respect.
  • leafs.talkSundin is in legends row. He never won a cup. And yes Komorov lupul and bozak all are leaders. That's why. I never said they will be added to the elite list of leaf captains but each one of them deserves it @3j_z3k3
  • tyler_wiltshire@leafs.talk it would make no sense to have an absent captain with Lupul as he's always injured and will hopefully be moved in the offseason although it's doubtful. Bozak will most likely get moved at the draft and even if he doesn't, he just doesn't scream captain material. Komarov is definitely a leader but he's the guy you'll want assisting the new captain with his role in the locker room and on the ice. All of them are good leaders but definitely not captain material. Wait for the right guy to come along rather than throw a C on whoever may or may not be suitable at this time
  • frameinmindfotoIt makes no sense to have a captain period. Laich is a solid option but realistically he won't be here for that much longer, a captain must emerge and earn the C
  • puck_life_04Give it to bozack
  • puck_life_04Bozak
  • jmarcos90only one i can see is morgan rielly and lupul..but obviously lupul probably wont be playing next year or for the leafs anyways and rielly isnt ready yet, but he is going the right direction
  • leafs.talk@tyler_wiltshire that's why I said none of them will get it. Only thing is I don't want the captaincy dumped on Stamkos if we get him like it was phaneuf. Yes I know completly different players but it makes no sense to make someone who hasn't really been on the team that long to give them the leadership of the locker room and the ice
  • tyler_wiltshire@leafs.talk and I'm not saying dump it on stamkos, go through next season without a captain and see who steps up, decide then or if nobody is a clear option, go another year without a captain. The leafs have nothing but time
  • leafs.talk@tyler_wiltshire I know that's what I meant to do what they did with the Sundin trade except do it for longer
  • david.c.forbes.5Chances of getting Stamkos are less likely than getting the 1st pick which sounds better on paper than in reality. Check any draft simulator and be informed🍀
  • chico636@dunniboy
  • willbuckingham92@david.c.forbes.5 stamkos will come to the leafs.
  • jman0169Riley captain.....NO it's gonna be a new leaf that's a veteran
  • jman0169Just like I had this in wavering feeling that Babcock was coming I can't shake the feeling that Stamkos is coming, I'll also take Ladd and Joey Thorton as well
  • jman0169Unwavering
  • daniellegrace4@therealdpete
  • latvian_stallionHaha indeed @jugr_84
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