• jordanbahatNow live and honored w a VIMEO staff pick and featured on the Vimeo home page, our short film: FLEX

    A young man wrestles with the devil in a modern day morality tale told through flexing.

    Shot on 35mm by @ncbupp , starring the supremely talented Soup & Slick with an original score by @dukemortimer and titles by @misterdoctor

    Cast - Jamar "Soup" Campbell | Nicholas "Slick" Stewart

    Director | Editor - Jordan Bahat
    Writer | Cinematographer - Nicholas Bupp
    Producer - Constanza Castro
    Production Designer - Kelly Fallon
    Composer - Johnathan Sadoff
    Sound Design - Steve Bucino
    Colorist - Brandon Chavez

  • lookandfeeltreatments@jordanbahat Astonishing film that keeps you under impression long after. Thanks for such a great intrigue! Keep it up!
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