Care to explain why it's 30 in New York City in April?
  • countingcrowsCare to explain why it's 30 in New York City in April?

  • bitterswtmysfitIt*
  • jennijen111Don't know .. But feeling it too right over the river .. 🙌🏼🤓love ya as always
  • swtlikcandi_tomysoulLove this man!!!!! 😘❤️❤️🎶✌️
  • ourstreetfamilyEnd times!
  • mrstiddLove you!! Counting Crows has been the constant thing in my life for 20 years.. You are a genius! Big part of my life!❤️
  • coconeenee💙
  • toscanointeriors@countingcrows probably the same reason it's been snowing in CO the last three days...our second winter! It's bullshit...or maybe global warming. Either way....lame!
  • leonardocueiJust got the ticket for your convert on Las Vegas, September. Right from Brazil just to see one of my favorite bands playing live!
  • rainerzeis@countingcrows I will see you next July in West Palm !!!! You are the best 👊🏻
  • thejodinesSometimes it snows in April sometimes the skies are grey
  • luluziinhas2I love you <3
  • quietthingsno1knows@shear1215
  • chessy_kitty_catSo I just opened this account...not crazy about social media. I figure turning 40 tomorrow plays a role. I couldn't think of anyone I'd like to say something to more in the realm of "celebrity". You are such an amazing song writer and singer. Round Here helped me to leave a truly toxic relationship over 14 years ago. I have never seen you in concert but always crank up the volume when you guys start to jam. Thank you Adam and the rest of the black winged expressive souls of the crows. Have a great weekend wherever you are in the masses, J✌️
  • leeleewitcherAm digging the scarf. And the light.
  • leeleewitcherThe subject is not too shabby either
  • cindicountscrowsLooking kinda cuddly
  • jennijen111Happy birthday -
  • evadsept00Greatest band ever. I can spin any album beginning to end. High chance it slips me further into depression but the ride feels so good!
  • ligia_n_meloAhh meu coração ... 😌
  • hyla1013Ah, the poet.
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