---Insta-DIY: Marbleized St. Patty's Cups---
Time commitment: 🕰(out of 3)
•White paper cups
•Green nail polish
•Disposable, tin turkey pan

1️⃣ Fill the turkey pan with water full enough that you can slightly submerge the white cups.
2️⃣ Shake up your nail polish, then pour a little bit onto the surface of the water. Use a toothpick if needed or desired to make a design.
3️⃣ Dip the base of the party cup into the nail polish. You can either dip it straight in, or roll it on the surface of the water. Note: do not leave the cup in the water longer than literally a couple of seconds!
4️⃣ With the cup upright, set it aside to dry.
5️⃣ Repeat the process until all of your cups have been marbleized.
---Insta-DIY: Lucky Charms Straw Toppers---
Time commitment: 🕰🕰(out of 3)
•Rainbow paper straws
•Foam paper, assorted colors
•Pencil or pen
•Acrylic paint, assorted colors
•Paint brushes
•Hot glue + Hot glue gun

1️⃣ Using a pen or pencil, freehand the outlines of the Lucky Charms marshmallow shapes on their respective colors. For example, the blue moon would be drawn on blue foam paper.
2️⃣ Cut out your shapes.
3️⃣ Where necessary, use acrylic paint to paint designs. For example, the rainbow marshmallow, and the pot of gold marshmallow. Let them dry completely.
4️⃣ Use a line of hot glue to stick the marshmallow shapes onto your paper straws. Let them cool.
5️⃣ Pop your straws into your cups, pour your beverage, and enjoy! 
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