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  • truthorangeWhat’s that? You’d love a pair of our new truth X @Vans by @klyonsnatborn shoes? Comment below with your best caption and they could be yours. #truthxVans

  • harry_lanman99Smoke! Smoke! Makes You Choke! More Smoke Makes You Croak!
  • the_official_cheese_stickWhy is everyone talking about Daniel, this is about how awful cigarettes are. And Daniel #truthxvans
  • the_official_cheese_stickSorry, the tobacco company is calling, their trying to take my money and lungs #truthxvans
  • the_official_cheese_stickThese shoes are smoking hot! #truthxvans
  • imedesignsTruth is Daniel didn't see it coming... (flash to a victim of some trauma patient being diagnosed with a disease caused by smoking )
  • _tylareWe will be the generation to end smoking✴️ The generation to give the world a fresh breath😽💨🌍 #truthxvans
  • motivosmagTalk to the heel. We've heard enough excuses. Just quit now.
  • larissa_paigeYour lungs called. They're telling you to quit or they're going on strike.
  • soccerbest12Excuse me my phone is ringing...*picks up shoe* Hello?....ummm no you dialed the wrong soul.
  • kristinnnnnHi, big tobacco, sorry but we're about to stomp all over you with this brand new collaboration. It's time to finish this, once & for all. #truthxVans
  • rjwright94Dammmn big tobacco, back it again, wasting my money! Smokey man smokey.
  • ella.la_Hello? its me, I will never trust big tobacco, you see👟🚫
  • thelumi_kWith all your HEART & SOLE put your FOOT down and quit smoking, you'll be glad you did. #truthxVans
  • overmyergainz_ogMy shoes may be smoking, but I sure ain't. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. Be the generation that stops cigarettes. The movement starts NOW. #truthxvans
  • dfolger307Daniel doesn't smoke, so why should you. #truthxvans
  • austinpz17When your shoe obsessed friend claims he can hear the ocean through the sole . #truthxvans
  • rickeydinWhen your parents ask to have your phone because you're grounded.
  • whitekneegrow69When the acid finally kicks in.
  • lil_melaniexoxogay
  • juliamakesstuffHey bro, just learned that cats and dogs are twice as likely to get cancer if their owner smokes. For real. I know how much your dog means to you, so if you need a good reason to quit, this is it. #truthxvans
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