It's fun to look cool sometimes @chrisclassen
  • selenagomezIt's fun to look cool sometimes @chrisclassen

  • azruhhalyuhhYr boobsss
  • heartofgomezz@lamynam What meaning do you have for "naked"? 😂
  • lamynam@heartofgomezz I will tell u when u'll grow up a little u won't understand now.
  • heartofgomezz@lamynam I'll wait. 😊 But let me tell you even if "I'm little", I know what a nude body is and here, I can see just her skin, not boobs or ass or what you want. That's low-necked, true, but as long as I can't see what I told you five seconds ago, I can say she isn't naked.
  • lamynam@heartofgomezz OK sweetheart 😙
  • lamynam@heartofgomezz when we get tattooed we must be convinced with what we write on our skin, ( I got tattoos everywhere BTW). she got the tattoo saying "احب نفسك اولا" which mean "love yourself first" , so if you love yourself you love your body and u don't expose it to everyone and anyone, being sexy isn't about exposing even a leg or a boob, you can be sexy without showing any part of your lovely body. Have a great day sweets 😙😙😙
  • heartofgomezz@lamynam you're right. She loves herself first and she doesn't use only clothes like this, I think you know. She doesn't go out with a trasparent clothing or in her underwear, this is just low-necked and even if here she's showing legs, that doesn't mean she doesn't love herself or she is naked. I don't know if you understood what I mean.
  • lamynam@heartofgomezz sure I do sweety, it is provocative clothes here. I love most when she don't provocate, her face is angelic she ruin that with that kind of clothes.
  • heartofgomezz@lamynam I love more when she doesn't provocate too, but that wasn't the point. I wanted to tell you that here she isn't naked. Only this and is for this why I answered you
  • lamynam@heartofgomezz do u see now why I told u I will tell u when u grow up.
  • heartofgomezz@lamynam that's only my opinion, I think she isn't naked, even if she's showing legs or what she's showing. I don't need to grow up to understand what you mean, because I understood, but I still think what I was thinking 20, or 30, or 60 minutes ago. She is provocative that's true, all of what you said is true, but I think "provocative clothes" and "be naked" are two different things, similar, but still different. I'll say "she is naked", when I'll see ONLY her body, without clothes or what you want, for example the revival's album cover, or the new photo, where she is half naked. Stop saying I need to grow up only because my opinion is different from yours. Maybe you can be right and I can be wrong, but that doesn't mean I need to grow up, or you need to grow up, bc are points of view.
  • heartofgomezzOr if she goes out like Miley Cyrus went to the VMA's 2015, or with trasparent clothes or balloons or adhesives. That are "be naked" or "almost naked" for me. Not this photo, here she is only provocative. @lamynam I forgot to write this, sorry
  • therealjbswag0806Hello selena Gomez , please tag me ! Please ,
  • lamynam@heartofgomezz when I say when u grow up I mean it because you are so young and a teenager there is things u don't know about life sweetheart and you won't understand now, I used to be young too and I know what is it so I'm just trying to help and open eyes. Big kiss and I love the way u talk so respectful God bless u and give u happiness 💟
  • donavin_jones_23nice breast and fine legs
  • lachicajansley@selenagomez te vez bien
  • esatzorkunGT
  • anouss__Looking cool? Je bedoelt looking slut
  • im_v_imageMy queen 💞💞💞
  • maricruzmiachahuanice #Miachahua
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