46 balloons + chairlift 🎈🚑
perhaps the most impractical/fun chairlift ever? once again, balloons proved to be the usual pain in the butt. I kept an eye on the weather for a while before getting the ideal conditions of clear skies and low wind. on meteorological paper you could say I got both, but the slightest breeze wreaks all sorts of havoc on balloons. what you see here was an early (and fortuitous) shot, by the end of this brief, early morning shoot, strings were tangled up like one big balloon dreadlock. check out the wind blown twisted mess over on @combophotofail. I started with 50 balloons and a small helium tank... only four popped during their transport from my kitchen to my favorite parking deck, hence the 46. R.I.P. 🎈🎈🎈🎈. oh and between us, I yell at balloons almost every time I shoot them. yell like a crazy person. not a fan. I fell better now. #combophoto 
@jasonsmithatl, I started down the helicopter path based on your suggestion, but this is where I ended up. I tried.
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