• pupsonparOur days of getting away with shenanigans while no one is home is over but the good news is we can talk and play with Mommy and other hoomans while shes away. We introduce to you the Petcube! @petcube .
    The Petcube is an interactive pet camera that lets you watch, talk to and play with your pets from your smartphone when you’re away from home. Beautifully designed with an interactive laser toy, your pets will enjoy regular playtime and exercise. No more sad goodbyes! Now your furry friends are just one tap away.
    If you would like to get a feel for how this device works just download the PetCube app (android or iphone) and have fun interacting with some of the pets whose petcubes are public if you get a cube you have the option to remain private or go public or have friends and family play with your pets. All they have to do is download the free app. .
    For more information or to purchase a Petcube just go to Petcube.com and use code PUPSONPAR for $20 off

  • practicallyperfectineveryway_Super great! You two are great advertisers!
  • zippidyzmeAwe, that sounds fun! 😁
  • 90210dogGreat idea! Those matching 🎀 are also a GREAT IDEA & fashion statement 💗🎉🎀💗. L💖VE you Lucy & Emily 💕💗🎉💖🌟💝✨😘
  • scoobsthecorgiGlad to be a part of the Petcube affiliation program with you! :)
  • hava_heartVery nice!!
  • mickymouseandoliver💙
  • angelers9Awww you're gonna have to learn how to cover the lens for shenanigans now!
  • bradythespringerWhat will they think of next ?!? 🤔
  • wag_gingerlyWHAT?!!!? We need this!!
  • doggirl777This looks like fun. I'm assuming the lens stays focused in one direction?
  • pupsonpar@doggirl777 Yes. It has a pretty wide angle of view but it does stay fixed in one direction 😊
  • peanut_kathySounds like a cool idea
  • tori_yorkieprincessandcoThat is awesome 😀
  • tori_yorkieprincessandco@theelegantella look how beautiful the girls look in your bow ties💗💕🎀💕💗
  • bad_to_the_bone_buster_plus1Did u see this @judgejudylim
  • jacob_thegoldenSo awesome!! 😍
  • pupsonparThese are our favorite bowties @tori_yorkieprincessandco We would like to order some in another color @theelegantella but didn't see any in your shop😞
  • comoandthecityNeat!! We use a dropcam. This looks great too!!
  • theelegantella@pupsonpar I would love to make you more. I😄 you can message me and will add a listing to my shop.
  • blissfulvineTotally cool 👍🏼
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