New Video on YouTube: "Dying 101" - Link to watch is in my profile.
  • clairityprojectNew Video on YouTube: "Dying 101" - Link to watch is in my profile.

  • post_boloney_@geor.dee
  • bentaplin@tzvikassover
  • parisinfrance1I could totally relate to this video. Nice!
  • codyjeremiahtwyman100% pure beauty. Inside and out. Marry me?
  • ellejacobsthalI mean this in the most truthful way.... you are the most inspirational person I have ever encountered in my life❤️
  • rocco5150💕
  • rimal.benson💛
  • tolowynOne of my fav videos. I love how real you are. You rock
  • fieryfoxx10You're kind of my hero
  • sell_it_on_let_go25I love you so much honestly.
  • jopesakClare, just found you on Facebook and started following you. Can't wait to see everything you have to say. This is bold and beautiful. You are wonderful.
  • koikingu❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • lamar1997You are very encouraging
  • pandabearasti@tyler_sydney
  • adinettWOW WOW WOW Claire, I mean what an amazing spirited soul you are. I have never felt slapped so hard in my life(in a good way) I mean you just woke me up from wherever land I've been zoned out of. you young lady are so inspiring, motivating and incredibly enjoyable to watch I just finished every single video you have ever made, and it started with @justinbaldoni to his beautiful gorgeous wife @emilybaldoni and as a researcher it led me to you, and I'm so happy that they're doing a film about your life because you are truly an angel walking on earth. Your energy, infectious smile, joyful way you carry yourself that alone has had you living longer than the doctor told you. Keep LIVING because you just taught me how to live. We as humans are very spoiled and most of the time feel entitled and I've been guilty of that but from now on I am going to live a life fully, positively, I will make sure I live life with a purpose because you literally just gave so much joy that I'm not even sure I've been living my life to the fullest. THANK YOU SO MUCH YOUNG LADY. Your mom is beautiful, your little is as funny as you, and your dad. You just have an incredibly family who support you and I'm just so happy and Beyond proud to have came on your page. I feel like I could write all day about how much you just changed my life but I'll stop now. lol I mean at this point I'm just being f repetitive and NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!!!!!! I wish I grew up around you so you can teach me how you wake up everyday with that smile. BE BLESSED @clairityproject 😘
  • estherpistoHello @clairityproject, we are the video team of (a lifestyle website for women). We love your videos and pictures we would like to ask for your permission to upload them on our facebook page and website as well as all the international partner sites of the Aufeminin group. Please let us know if you wish to be credited in any kind of way. With your permission, we may need to retouch your videos a little bit, such as adding subtitles and our logo. Let us know what you think. Thank you and all the best, the gofeminin team
  • grqce.demqrtiniClaire I love you and I just found you from a friend of mine and.. ugh.., you're so amazing
  • kylxeartAbsolutely loved this video, I have had parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, best friends, boyfriends. You name it have passed away and left me here. Death is defiantly something that is scary but you can come to terms with. I love your videos, please keep doing them!
  • adreannaceleste@lisamvan
  • leafcamargoI Love You
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