• schoolofthought_sg"My time in SOT has given me some of my most deeply cherished and crucially transformative experiences growing up as a young adult. The way I stumbled into SOT is a funny one: my dad used to work as a ‘Karang guni’ man and he would always bring me piles of old magazines and newspapers for me to practice English. It was amongst my ‘mini library’ that I developed a voracious appetite for reading and chanced upon Think Tank’s Broader Perspectives magazine (which I loved and collected). After a quick google search, I learnt how Think Tank and SOT were under the same parent company, and set my heart on attending their GP classes because I wanted to write with passion like the essays I had read from their magazines.

    If I had to name a main takeaway from my experience as an SOT student and later, intern, it would be the courage to fall in love, dream and believe in possibilities again. Let’s just say that some of my earliest growing up experiences weren’t cushy and after a few hard knocks, I had learnt to pick up cynicism and blind pragmatism early on to avoid disappointments. You might ask, how is all these related to learning? The resilience to fall in love and be curious about the world in the face of possible setbacks directly impacts our capacity to learn. If anything, SOT has not just grown my love and skill for writing, but it has also inspired in me an unfaltering curiosity and openness to learn wherever I go." - Shakespeare Sim, NUS Undergraduate (Literature and Political Science), SOT Class of 2012. #StudentsofSOT

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