• rhodesreedThanks @officialbroadwayworld for our #broadwayprincessparty photos!! I'm sorry in advance there will be 2 more! Haha! #👸🏻👸🏼👸🏽👸🏾👸🏿 Hair 💁🏻by: @fairygoduncle

  • giannalazzarough why are you so perfect.
  • giannalazzarolike stop save some beauty for the rest of us mortals.
  • sabrina.w09💖
  • theatreemily😀
  • rhodesreed@giannalazzaro @sabrina.w09 @theatreemily muahhhh! 💋💋💋
  • aladdinbdwyblogLove it!
  • sabrina.w09@rhodesreed Thanks for responding! You inspire me so much💋!
  • claricesarmentoyou looked stunning as always!!! love you so much!!
  • giannalazzaro@rhodesreed AHH HOLY CRAP THANKS FOR NOTICING ME
  • giannalazzaroYOURE THE BEST @rhodesreed
  • trailingtimWhen?
  • serena.v33😍
  • lovelymymmiJust like a goddess 🌠🎇🎆
  • rhodesreed@lovelymymmi ❤️💋❤️💋
  • lea_pelychatyI've been looking for a dress like this everywhere and I'm obsessed with your style! Literally you have the best taste in clothes! I just wanted to share with you since growing up, Jasmine has been my favorite and I have always wanted to be her. I was named after Lea Salonga who was the original voice so therefore Jasmine was always meant to be my idol. However it's hard to idolize a cartoon. So I thank you for being not only my Jasmine idol but and woman I can look up to for inspiration, hard work, and your kind soul. I know it's funny to be in love with Disney and my spirit animal is Jasmine at almost 21 years old. Even though you have talent you don't let that go to your head like many artist in the entertainment industry do especially today. I thank you for being humble and an amazing person for girls and women of all ages to look up to. It is my dream to see you and Adam live one day. You have an amazing voice and the first time I listened to A Whole New World I had tears because not only was it so beautiful but I heard the passion in your voice and how you take the moment of being Jasmine in as a blessing. I just wanted to thank you for being able to share your amazing talent and being an amazing Jasmine. You fit her perfectly (look wise, persona, voice, and grace).
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