#Regram #RG @NRDC_Org: Help us stop the #AlbertaClipper pipeline and halt the flood of dangerous tar sands oil into the U.S.! 🙅🙅🙅Take action now - link in bio.
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  • leonardodicaprio#Regram #RG @NRDC_Org: Help us stop the #AlbertaClipper pipeline and halt the flood of dangerous tar sands oil into the U.S.! 🙅🙅🙅Take action now - link in bio.
    #actonclimate #advocacy #alberta #canada #cleanenergy #climate #climatechange #energy #environment

  • itz.narmean@bottos04 Does it sound right to you to state that he is causing more damage while he's a research environmentalist? It isn't correct for him to care for the planet while at the same time forget about his job and intentions and trash it more that we do. He has the money to make great changes, I'm not sure if you're referring to his movie scenes but no, if you are, that's false.
  • bottos04@itz.narmean I am referring to his private jets, helicopters and yachts. They cause more pollution than I could ever cause. This has nothing to do movies. Good intentions and finger pointing doesn't help.
  • itz.narmean@bottos04 That is transportation, how else would he research the climate change in places such as Antarctica in our planet? He can't possibly fly there with his wings. He is spreading awareness with the projects he plans. He isn't at a place where he can just do abra cadabra and fix our shit that we cause. First comes research and awareness. You can't possibly jump to the biggest point, that isn't his job.
  • itz.narmean@bottos04 You need to realize the fact that he is a public figure and his awareness is bringing so much attention from office as well, does so much from the start, we need to have people care and look after their actions first.
  • bottos04@itz.narmean believe what you want. I see his hypocrisy everywhere. He went up to Alberta to criticize the oil sands when LA has more pollution than Alberta. All while flying his private jet to Alberta and then a helicopter to the oil sands. He could have driven or taken commercial or he could start in his back yard by condemning the LA polluters. Funny how the LA oil industry doesn't come up in his condemnation of everything that isn't Hollywood. He's a hypocrite. And now you can add Jane Fonda to that list of holier than thou hypocrite's. It's disgusting.
  • itz.narmean@bottos04 Now, I haven't looked into that, I'm mostly looking into the awareness for climate change. That is my major, you may be right in that topic.
  • bottos04@itz.narmean he is helping to make climate change worse.
  • itz.narmean@bottos04 how tf 😂😂✌🏼
  • bottos04@itz.narmean read my other posts to you, that's how.
  • itz.narmean@bottos04 If you're trying to say that he is contributing to it, well there's many other ways that you can contribute to climate change besides the transportation. Transportation isn't something we can stop, we can lower it down but not much, there's 7 billion people in this planet who want to get around from place to place. You cannot say he is making it worse when all that Leo wants is the best for our planet. That's very ignorant of you to say about such a pure man.
  • bottos04@itz.narmean Although aviation is a relatively small industry, it has a disproportionately large impact on the climate system. It accounts for four to nine per cent of the total climate change impact of human activity. By taking private planes and yachts yes, I can say he is making it worse. The numbers don't lie.
  • itz.narmean@bottos04 Like I said, do not worry much about transportation because it doesn't seem like it's going to lower down any time soon.
  • bottos04@itz.narmean oh. Okay, we just pick and choose what is a problem and what isn't? Seems like an intelligent way of doing things. Haha!
  • itz.narmean@bottos04 hahahahha no not at all. Common sense, you have to start small, mostly because this ignorant world seems to be taking everything for granted so how can we solve our issues when our people barely even care?
  • bottos04@itz.narmean start small eh? So like taking a commercial flight instead of private? Taking a car instead of a private helicopter? Gotcha.
  • itz.narmean@bottos04 I get you, Leo could've took a commercial flight instead of a private jet, that's very true. But for the car one, if it's a long term project, that may be tough.
  • itz.narmean@bottos04 we both can agree that no one would rather drive around three days in a car and deny the helicopter. I don't know the story I just made up a scenario. But I get where you're going with this.
  • bottos04@itz.narmean and those are the obvious hypocrisy's. The ones we can all see. What other double standards does he have? We will never know.
  • kayneboyall"If we're going to survive on this planet, we need to respect the lives of all living organisms... Because we need them more than they need us." - Capt. Paul Watson of @seashepherd #SaveThePlanet
  • sb.brennHow can I help?
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