• ramitLOOK AT THESE LOVEBIRDS!! Melody and Brian met at an IWT Meetup in June 2012 and have been a couple ever since. I saw them this weekend at an NYC meetup and they told me the whole story. Yeah, yeah, I'm happy when people use our material to make an extra $50k or start a business, but think about how rare it is to meet someone else who you really, truly connect with. A new friend? After college, incredibly rare. Someone you start dating? One of the rarest moments in life. To me, this is the height of a Rich Life. I hope to see you at more IWT events this year.

  • lilibethriveraawwwwwwwwww
  • cacarawayThat's awesome! Congratulations Melody and Brian! ❤️
  • behindthebossmaskSpectacular!! 💓💓💓
  • knowyourtruedesireAwesome!
  • nposnickRamit dating app next? I'm in
  • russellbrunsonVery sweet story.
  • mattogusAwesome
  • melissajoykongLove this!
  • melodywildingIt wouldn't have happened without the amazing community of likeminded people IWT has become. Thanks for unknowingly playing matchmaker, surrogate Asian father. :)
  • charlenlanLol love how you play matchmaker
  • evagemsandjewelsThis is really lovely to hear :))
  • rhurrsCool
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