• jeffmichaelrogers4 years ago I asked Travis if he could help me with an event I was doing in Minneapolis. I told him he would just have to help set up a table, take some pics and chill while I gave a speech about health... Up until this point, Travis didn't have the greatest habits. He was eating poorly, staying out way too late, drinking, hardly sleeping and NEVER working out. So I told him he should start coming to Pack the Park. He hesitated at first. He wasn't into the idea. Eventually, I got him to come. Flash forward, 4 years later.. Travis attends almost all of my night classes, eats way healthier, drinks way less, sleeps a lot more (finally!) and feels amazing. Even though I'm still jealous of his super rad tattoo, I'm proud that he has put the time in, turned his life around, and has made daily improvements, both physically and mentally!
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