Let me tell you a story about a cow who thinks she's a dog. Yesterday we moved the #swissfamilydogs from the winter paddock to the new rotational paddock now that the snow has thawed. As soon as we opened the gate the dogs took off for the forest hills, this we expected. But what we hadn't counted on was Lulu charging through the gate after them and running just as fast as them off into the hills as well. Two hours, several sightings and phone calls of "your cow and dogs are running up the road north" later, we found the dogs and Lulu in a pasture down the road. She couldn't get through a fence and much to our surprise and relief, Bertie had stayed behind with her while the other two dogs went on. David ran them the whole way home and I walked Lulu and Bertie at a 'tired cows pace'. Thankful my Lulu girl is safe, now to somehow break the news that she is indeed not a speedy wild dog. 😂
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