• urbanbushbabesI am really excited to share my interview Nikisha on ADHD, Motherhood, Grace, & Forgiveness from an amazing website for women and by women with ADHD called @kaleidoscopesociety. One of my biggest passions is being an advocate for people with ADHD (my son and I have been diagnosed with it). There are many misconceptions about it and a lot of people who don’t take it as seriously as other disorders like, austism, bi-polar, etc. By sharing my story I hope to clear up a lot of the misconceptions that are widespread throughout society, and also shed light on how serious this disorder needs to be taken. I also want to let others know they are not alone and there are ways that someone with ADHD can live a successful life. Head Urbanbushbabes.com to read the interview.
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  • kaleidoscopesociety@nikishabrunson thank you for being such an inspiration and for having the courage to speak out for so many others who are struggling out there. It was an absolute pleasure connecting and an honor to feature your story on our site. ✨👑✨
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  • a.atticus.poeBut where can I get that jumpsuit?
  • tiffanyafreeman@msnancydrew didn't read yet, but expecting this to be a good read. thought you might also be interested
  • nikishabrunsonIt's by @ilanakohn. @a.atticus.poe ☺️
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  • nikishabrunsonThank you so much @kareen_curry 😊❤️
  • nikishabrunsonIt was really my pleasure @kaleidoscopesociety! I'm so thankful there are women like you that give us a platform to speak out. It's so needed! ❤️❤️❤️
  • nikishabrunsonThank you sooo much @jmarie_spaceflower 😊❤️
  • jmarie_spaceflower@nikishabrunson My pleasure..Your just what this world needs..#PositiveWomen #Honest #Real
  • thebeautywolf@pho_tacos might be something you're interested in! 💕
  • kaleidoscopesociety@tiffanyafreeman @msnancydrew thanks for checking out the interview. If you have ADHD we'd love to invite you to check out other inspiring stories and resources on our site :)
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  • menandtshirtsI love clogs! Where did you get them (if you don't mind me asking)
  • nikishabrunsonSure @angelamambroise! They are from @lottafromstockholm 😊
  • menandtshirtsThanks I love clogs, use to wear them all the time when I was younger. I'm going to order some for sure! Appreciate you sharing.
  • ladycrazyuerAs a 23-year-old who has tried to ignored her ADHD for years despite being medicated and in therapeutic methods like basic therapy throughout my childhood. From being a military spouse for five years with no medications to realizing that I've needed them and that I'm not normal and I can't try to be normal--this means a lot to me.
  • ladycrazyuerI suffered greatly and I'm poor. No one understands that. People look at me like I'm lazy it is so sad and so disappointing. I truly am a hard-working person with great motivation and potential but I'm constantly held back by my own mental disability. It is so difficult because it's not as obvious as something like bipolar. I can't even get a job anymore and it used to be so much easier back when I was 17. My resume is huge I'm CPR AED and first aid certified it's just makes no difference. I can legally serve alcohol. I can drive box trucks. I can help people. But People know something is off they don't know quite what and they just get scared and don't hire me. I have no criminal record or history of drug abuse. It's so sad here in Massachusetts.
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