#Regram @pottermore: The writers and their leading actors started @hpplayldn rehearsals this week! Follow the link in our bio for more.#HarryPotter
  • hpplayldn#Regram @pottermore: The writers and their leading actors started @hpplayldn rehearsals this week! Follow the link in our bio for more.#HarryPotter

  • alicefremderNuovo cast😭😭😭😭😭😭👎👎👎👎 @alicetriarico @mcaneevelli
  • lindsaymuirheadSo the cast really do not look like they are 34 years old...
  • gangmemberoneIch hoffe nur das wenn eine Verfilmung kommen sollte der alte Cast wieder dabei ist. Ich bin auf keinen Fall Rassistisch aber es wäre halt auch verdammt komisch wenn Hermine auf einmal schwarz ist
  • gangmemberoneAber das Theater wird bestimmt toll
  • laurarosolekHorible....
  • __ms._x@laurarosolek its actually gnna be amazing when their not looking themselves , trust me jk rowling knows exactly what shes doing x
  • soydansilva😒😒😒😒😒
  • soydansilvaJK Rowling Only did it because of the cultural impact, not because she believes Hermione was black! And that sucks. You can't change what was already excellent...
  • saras1712@marianna_stilinski @danmockingjay I'm pretty sure there is no evidence in the books for Hermione being white or black. Only because Emma Watson as a white person was cast as Hermione for the movies, it doesn't make the character in the book - how Rowling originally imagined her - white as well. I'm pretty sure that JK Rowling doesn't want to continue the movie storz, but rather the book story, where Hermione is just a not very pretty girl without any particular race. If she wanted to continue the movie story, she would have written a movie script and not a theater one or she easily could have written a normal book again and have it turned into a movie for her. So I don't get how people are not ok with her choices.
  • marianna_pth@saras1712 OK that I believe!! I don't want to fight!!! 😊😊
  • mariaalujambio@vicky_garcia21
  • soydansilva@saras1712 OK. I get what your saying... But it's hasn't been even 10 years since Deathly Hallows... We're already grew up with their faces... If she believes that Hermione wasn't white, why? The controversy now? If the audience already know the characters and love them. I think it's too soon... Don't get me wrong, I already pre-ordered the script, because I love JK Rowling and the magical world. I just hope the story's good (of course it will)
  • yusoniaputri@rahayumhrn
  • saras1712@danmockingjay it doesn't really matter if the character is white or black or asian or whatever. As long as she thinks that the actress is best fir playing the role, it's perfect 😉
  • dysfunctionalcowgirlHermione is black, rose is also black and isn't a ginger, there's no Hugo and Ron isn't the strong redheaded ginger from the books. Bummer
  • dysfunctionalcowgirl@danmockingjay yup!
  • saniyeuguralBu sagdaki luna mı 😂 @sercanckn
  • _feuerin_@lksbrnjunk bin auch irgendwie total verwirrt und weiß nicht, was ich davon halten soll. ...
  • erfan.sh98The new actors are awful 😡😡
  • scorpius137297Those were the best actors i've ever seen!
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