"The @npr accuracy checklist." This is a thing.
  • steve_inskeep"The @npr accuracy checklist." This is a thing.

  • kel.sadlerGood to know. I trust NPR.
  • danmoulthropAnd a good thing.
  • krinhohThe key here is that it actually matters. Thanks for the integrity, NPR.
  • noah.sacks@jwwoodma
  • reckless_rodolfoI need a checklist at work too!!
  • wattsoscarI need this for my students
  • hollybwheelerAwesome! Would love to have you FaceTime or conference in with my students. I am a teacher at Westfield , and I'm constantly teaching fact checking. Also, is there a political website you recommend that seems fairly accurate for determining how candidates usually vote and what issues they stand?
  • ms.mcgillicuddyMarvelous! As a former print journalist, the AP Stylebook is permanently embedded in my brain. Love this because it's "why" and not just "how".
  • rodneykang@jennatulz THAT'S JOURNALISM!
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