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  • elyssa.kushto@zion.yrn how you gonna say she's making more than both of us? do you know me? last time i checked you're arguing with a random on a random ass account. n actually there is something going on with her, it's noticeable on the outside. are you ducking dumb? just because you can't see what it's doing to her body doesn't mean there's nothing going on. lord do y'all even think before you type? it may look fine, she may be proud of how she looks, but the disorder has negative affects on her insides. you're fucking retarded for thinking that just because you can't see it there's nothing happening🙄
  • elyssa.kushtonot noticeable^ @zion.yrn
  • elyssa.kushto@zion.yrn n actually, if you look at her more recent posts, she's working on her body so it'll be more the way she wants. she had the opportunity for surgery but that would give her MORE negative this on her insides.
  • zion.yrn@elyssa.kushto if u had enough time to defend the person talking shit about her, u most like make less than her😂😂😭 and as long as shes still living, which shes been doing a long time with this disorder, she must be fine. Shes not in the hospital is she? Nope, shes fine posting pics on instagram daily
  • zion.yrn@elyssa.kushto okay?? She still appreciates her natural body more than the girl ur trying to defend for talking shit about her😂
  • elyssa.kushto@zion.yrn just because she's not in the hospital doesn't make her okay?? not every sick person stays in the hospital until they're healthy. n like cancer patients? they go like every 2 weeks for chemo. they don't spend every single day in the hospital. n just bc im answering you doesn't mean i make less than her but you know keep assuming shit because you know everything, right?
  • zion.yrn@elyssa.kushto but according to you, this is a "really serious" disorder that is negatively messing up her insides, so she should be in the hospital more.. am i right? And since u wanna keep bringing that up... How much are u making? Its not more than her money cause shes publicaly known, is on newspapers & articles, and has a lot more followers than both of us. And im pretty sure shes on some youtube videos where she gets paid.
  • zion.yrn@elyssa.kushto so how much exactly do u make?😂
  • maurajenkins@danielle_sanokk how the fuck
  • biganthubcapShit I want it!
  • ronja.mewes@jolleebert
  • allimusca@lailaroxz1997
  • lailaroxz1997@allimusca why
  • anastacio_barbahoPretty
  • jord_on@ryanscott7347 👀
  • 1205beastSupppperrrrr seexxxyyyy
  • studio_nwiroWoww
  • russell1983Love those hips and thighs❤❤❤
  • tonyrd12🌷🌷🌷👍
  • jnosephBruh wtfffff😫😫
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