---Insta-DIY: Cotton Candy Easter Eggs---
Time commitment: 🕰🕰(out of 3)
•Faux plastic Easter eggs
•Sewing batting
•Scrapbook paper, assorted colors and/or patterns
•Hot glue + hot glue gun
•Light pink spray paint
1️⃣ Cut out a triangular shaped piece of paper out of the scrapbook paper. Roll it up until it looks like a cone. Use tape to secure it closed.
2️⃣ Use hot glue to stick your paper cone to the bottom of the faux egg. 
3️⃣ Grab a small handful of batting, and work it in your hands until it's flat. 
4️⃣ Apply hot glue to the egg, and start wrapping the sewing batting around the egg. Keep gluing the egg and pressing on the batting until the egg is completely covered. 
5️⃣ If necessary, smooth out any bumps in the batting. Shape it in your hands until your egg looks cotton candy-like. 
6️⃣ Head outside, or somewhere well ventilated, and lightly spray the sewing batting with light pink spray paint. The fewer coats, the better. Let it dry. #GlitterInMyTea #EasterEggIdeas #EasterCrafts
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