Come by @releafherbalsf for #Cbd & #thca #tincture samples while they last! #cannabis #highlife #weedstagram
  • treatwellhealthCome by @releafherbalsf for #Cbd & #thca #tincture samples while they last! #cannabis #highlife #weedstagram

  • elfbreadshopnice
  • kushboys
  • mybeezyagzI'm getting a vial thanks to you guys giving me a THCA sample, it's great for my broken back and endometriosis! Thank you 💛💛💛
  • is a proud supplier of Treatwell. Love the pet tincture too!
  • dom.ben.elena.pepeWe are trying the 20:1 Pet tincture for my anxious girl today. Hopefully it will help her to relax
  • redheadanddogDo you list your strains used for each batch on packaging? I'm looking for something for a cancer patient, and would love to get them one of the Ringo strains.
  • sherryjoppCbd dog treats have stopped seizures in my poodle and helps dysplasia pain in my other poodle! ...the most amazing flower! !
  • luckyylucianaWhere can I find these in south cali? The place I used to get it discontinued it.
  • treatwellhealth@redheadanddog Ringo was our neighbor, so a lot of our genetics come from him or projects we worked on together like our 20:1 flower strain we call "Ringo 2012"
  • treatwellhealth@luckyyluciana Depending where u r located in SoCal, they are carried at @budsandroses in northern Hollywood or a few delivery companies in the OC like @sweetleafshoppe420 . Feel free to email us at and we can help you further.
  • luckyylucianaThank you, Sweet Leaf is perfect! My dog is epileptic and the other one has a heart murmur, It has really helped both of them. Thank you!
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