• theashley_roseGood morning! I'm on the last row on my size medium waist trainer, and am going to order a small soon! I'm so happy with the results so far. I'm happy to say that I'm 8 weeks post baby, and 30 pounds down since pregnancy! With the help of breastfeeding, healthy diet, light exercise, positive thinking, and waist training, I've been able to see the results I've been wanting ❤️❤️❤️
    I order mine from waistshaperz.com (link is in my bio) don't forget to enter my code TAR40 for 40% off your order ❤️❤️❤️

  • duhhhhnelleSo proud of youuuuu! Might have to swoop up one of these, too 👀 I've been wanting one for a while
  • eh_wt120These are actually pretty damaging to your internal organs over time. Why advocate this?
  • theashley_rose@eh_wt120 I'm just sharing my personal experience and I've been happy with my results. They're not recommended to be worn too tight. They do help with posture, and help instantly smooth out the midsection, helping clothes look and fit better, especially after pregnancy. I'm sure if not worn properly they can be harmful, but overall it was helped, and motivated me personally.
  • eh_wt120Okay well I can appreciate and respect that. Wasn't trying to be rude. I have just read quite a bit on the dangers of these, but sounds like you are Well informed.
  • theashley_rose@eh_wt120 I understand 😊
  • theashley_rose@duhhhhnelle
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