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  • locallovelyI've been trying to learn a bit about video and here's my first (very rough) attempt at a ‘scenes from the weekend’ style assemblage... It’s all inspired by @xantheb whose FANTASTIC online Make Films course I’m halfway through and just loving. Actually that’s a lie, I’m terribly behind and hoping that lovely Xanthe keeps the course content up well after it actually finishes so slow coaches like me can catch up. Pleeease! Anyway, it’s just a beginning, but I’ve had a great time threading these little clips together so here goes… music: "Warmth" by Alright Lover #minimemorymovies #minitimecapsules #mycanon

  • lewesmapThis is great! I'm loving @xantheb 's course XX
  • toughloveLove it Soph!
  • lewesmapThis is so lovely! I'm doing the course too and really enjoy it :) ♡X
  • siobhanrogers_beaspokeNext on my challenge list 😁
  • locallovelyThanks! It's so fun isn't it @lewesmap
  • ang12hhLove it 💝 and I spent a lovely rainy afternoon leafing through your cookbook! It really is a little gem of a book and may even be ny favourite cookbook of all time! So practical and everything I have made has turned out beautiful. Today I made the sausage rolls... Delicious 💝😄🌸
  • locallovelyThanks @exchangestoresnundle so happy with my goodies from yesterday! Thank you so much hope bowing was a hit!! X
  • locallovelyThanks so much @thecosmicelement
  • xanthebThis is gorgeous! That laughing at the beginning is so sweet. Don't worry about being behind, there's loads of time to catch up. The course materials are available for an extra 6 months after the course finishes. Keep going! Xx
  • angusbarrettsaddleryLove it Soph!
  • ciudadanabreally cool, great first attempt!
  • lizzyrich84Looks very professional 👍
  • lphillips22aWhat a fabulous first effort! You're a clever gal :)
  • geainfranceLove this ! And the course is brilliant, I agree💛
  • poldersowmThis is so timely! I just got a Canon 70d so that I can do video and I need to take a course. What program does @xantheb teach you to use?
  • highlandsmerchant@some_place_south & another example of a great little video clip
  • natplaysMmmm ...& snap! Here with you gorgeous! Making videos too :) xxxxx ps you're making me think j should just learn video editing - was considering hiring a film student for editing ;)
  • jennie_hughesNice one Soph 👏🏼
  • fraeuleinsonntaggreat work already done dear sophie👌🏻
  • yasminjewelLove it!!!
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