Congrats @katehudson! We can't wait to pick up a copy on 2/16! 👏  
#Repost @katehudson
Just arrived hot off the press! So excited about my first book tour next week 🙌💃 Check out See you soon 💋
  • fableticsCongrats @katehudson! We can't wait to pick up a copy on 2/16! 👏

    #Repost @katehudson
    Just arrived hot off the press! So excited about my first book tour next week 🙌💃 Check out See you soon 💋

  • pasadenacharm🙌
  • meljpec@jenguy
  • jessiegeethree@abigail_0302 have you seen this?! Relaxed & Happy Mantra... Xx
  • always_energeticOoooooooo
  • angelina.stayfitNice🙏
  • baxterdafutureAn open letter to Fabletics Dear Fabletics, I signed up for a special offer this time a year ago with your company Fabletics. Since then you started an online subscription which you did not make at all clear in your communications and you started taking £44 a month unknowingly out of my account. When I found out that this had been occurring I deleted my payment details off my account profile on your website and complained to my credit card. My credit card then disputed the charges and blocked you from taking this charge. I thought then that this had all been resolved. But then you started taking money out of my account again on a monthly basis, without me knowing. The credit card are saying that you, the vendor, would have changed the charge code you originally used to GET AROUND THE BLOCK! But how has this been allowed to happen when I have deleted my details, cancelled the membership AND disputed the charges? I think your is company is highly fraudulent and I want to report it and press charges. Please send the contact details of the person responsible? I have also written to my lawyer and the citizens advice bureau and reported you to the trading authorities. Refund me all of the money asap and send a valid explanation as to why you are scamming innocent people who trusted your brand and company so we all have a written explanation on the inner workings of your scam and how you think this is at all justifiable. Thanksr
  • rindia@KateHudson You are on fire.
  • carrieandhuwSo excited!
  • carlydeebsCan't wait to check it out!
  • allisonwoznica@samantha_nadeau32
  • shawna_when_will_it_be_springWow
  • lndone@keeeellllnero SHE HAS A BOOK
  • lilacliviYESSSSSSS
  • eelizabethd@alliegnys OMG! Yes!
  • mmmsena@ddrgirlie No Buy!!
  • donnasromeBeautiful photo of her !
  • mcwill.i.ams@andi_mcw ahhhhhh!
  • daliflor@baxterdafuture heard multiple stories about the company ... People being charged more than once ... Not letting them cancel .. A lot of issues 😬
  • fabletics@baxterdafuture Hi! Our apologies for any frustration. You probably saw our other reply to your other comment, but please feel free to contact Fabletics UK so they can cancel your VIP account to ensure no charges for member credits are made to your account. At your convenience, please visit Fabletics UK's Help & Contact page here: -om
  • fabletics@daliflor Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or need any assistance! We are a membership site, and you can choose between shopping as a Guest or as a VIP. If you ever need anything, please don't hesitate to let us know. Thank you! -om
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